Blackthorn Working German Shepherds

Enni von der Schaefereiche, SchH3 x
V-Cliff vom Schwedenbrunnen, KK1a, SchH3.

(Take a look at their handsome father here.)

Darth and Diesel at 8 weeks

Sorry! All these gorgeous puppies are sold.

Photo Name Gender Color Description Ideal Home
Diesel Male Black Sable Stocky, big head, bright and outgoing, with lots of self confidence and drive Working home
Darth Male Black Sable He's got a big head and big bone and is likely going to be a large dog. He's a thinker who watches first then charges in.
Dune Male Very Dark Red Sable

Super attitude, outgoing, with great drives and super sound nerves. He's going to be a beautiful mahoghany red/black sable. A big boy with a beautiful head. Very people oriented and loving. Could be a very nice working dog or very nice companion dog.

Working/Active Pet home
unnamed Female Dark Red Sable A big girl with good bone and head. Beautiful rich red and black sable. Nice outgoing attitude, good confidence. Working/Active Pet home
Dart Female Bicolor She's a live wire--full of piss and vinegar. Sweet and charming and
bright eyed!
Active Pet/Working home
Dagger Female Black Sable Beautiful black sable color with a big, strong head. Very drivey with a lot of dominance and attitude. She's going to need a job to do. Excellent potential for schutzhund! Working/Active Pet home


Female Bicolor/Black A big girl with tons of bone and a big head. Nice outgoing attitude, good confidence. Working/Active Pet home

NOTE: Puppy names are not permanent


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Previous Litters

Blackthorn's "A" Litter

My first litter, in February 1997. Only two puppies, Asa and Ashen. Blackthorn's Ashen, SchH3, has gone on to become my competition dog and was the 2000 HOT SchH1 Champion and the 2001 HOT SchH3 Champion. Asa is working on getting her SchH3!


Blackthorn's "B" litter

Born in November 2001, this litter from Bodo and Nike produced everything we could have wanted--beautiful dogs who love to work. Three of the puppies are working Search and Rescue dogs, and Bramble has stayed with me to compete in Schutzhund.

Blackthorn's "C" Litter

Born in September 2002, this litter from Ash and Nike combined Ash's drive and willingness with Nike's fire and speed.


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