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Blackthorn's Bright Heart, SchIII, CDX
Blackthorn's Bright Heart, SchIII, CDX

Thorn is the start of it all, and truly, the heart. He is my first German Shepherd.

I got him from Kathy Otte in North Carolina. I was planning on doing AKC obedience and agility with him, but somewhere along the way, we discovered Schutzhund.

Thorn is mainly from American conformation bloodlines, going back to Stuttgart's Sundance Kid, Hohenheichen's Jock, Serena of Kovaya (see pedigree), with only one close line going back to German dogs (G-grandfather Meiko v. Fuerstenberg).

Despite his lack of working genetics, Thorn has been a joy to work. He is my "one-of-a-kind" German Shepherd—the one who comes to live in your heart, who becomes a keystone, an essential part of daily life. I have yet to find an activity that Thorn doesn't undertake with joy—agility, herding, obedience, tracking, and yes, protection. Thorn has character, intelligence, judgement, strength, and courage—I cannot imagine a better dog to have as my first German Shepherd.

Thorn has never been and will never be bred. While he has OFA Good Hips and Elbows, he is a Von Willebrand's carrier and is hypothyroid. He was neutered when he was 3 years old.

In 1998, Thorn and I traveled to Maine, where we competed in the North American Championships where we may not have excelled, but did not come home ashamed.


 Thorn's first Sch3, with Claus,

Thorn's first Sch3, with Claus, Maryland T.O.P. Dog Club, Fall 1997.


Thorn repeated his Sch3 the next spring. He came away with High in Trial, High Sch3, and High Track--98-90-82 J.



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