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Blackthorn's "Gg" Litter

Nemain vd Heuvel, RN, BH (OFA) x Sumo vd Dewhaus, Sch2, PDC (OFA)

Nemi is DM clear/clear by DNA testing.

6 females and 1 male, born April 9, 2016

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Nemi combines some of the top IPO competition bloodlines from modern Czech and German working German Shepherds. Her sire competed multiple times in the World IPO3 championship trials (WUSV championships) and produced several sons who also competed at that level. In addition, both his parents and several of his siblings competed at the highest levels. Nemi's motherline brings strength, drive, and trainability as well. She is a smart, social, interactive dog who is a delight to spend time with. She loves people and kids and puppies and will play ball for hours on end. She has a high desire to work and interact with people around her and is easy to train because of her strong desire to please as well as her sound nerves, responsive nature, and excellent food and toy drive.

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Sumo works in schutzhund and PSA. He is a dog who can do serious "for real" bitework yet socialize easily with new people, new dogs, and hang out on the sofa in the evening. He has extreme hunt drive and strong ball drive and has produced several puppies working in detection/SAR. Physically, he is compact and athletic--a very correct medium-sized dog with extremely rich black sable coloring and a strong, blocky head.

More pictures of Sumo

You can see Sumo working in several online videos:


This litter should produce puppies suitable for PSA, IPO, agility, competitive obedience or tracking, or herding. Both parents have strong drives with higher thresholds and are accepting of new people and dogs and travel well. They are both protective but not overreactive, and have high hunt drive, high ball drive, and high desire to work with their handlers. They are both excellent house dogs and settle quickly in new situations. They puppies will be dogs who must be an active member of the family--they will want regular interaction and exercise as well as mental challenge. The puppies will be sables and solid blacks. This litter will be mostly Czech bloodlines, about 25% German working lines.

Sumo is also the sire of our very popular and successful "U" Litter and "W" Litter .

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