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Blackthorn's "Ff" Litter

Z'Astur vom Spartanville (OFA Fair H/E) x Blackthorn's Stryder (OFA Good H/E)

Both parents are DM clear/clear by parentage.

The Ff litter consisted of one pup, Falcon, born February 27, 2016. Astur unfortunately had uterine torsion and had to have an emergency c-section and spay, and lost most of her litter. She adopted a foster pup to raise with her singleton. Astur has been retired from breeding and is living the good life with a great family.

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Astur is titled in herding and has shown herself to be steady of nerve, clear of head, and naturally eager to please and highly biddable. She travels well and adapts quickly to every new situation and loves to work for food or toy or praise. She is a medium-high drive female with tremendous charm and joie d'vivre. She is beautifully structured and gorgeous to look at, with a strong topline, correct angulation front and rear, high withers, and rich black sable pigment. Her father is 100% DDR bloodlines and her mom was imported from the Czech Republic. She is a larger female with strong bone--about 72 pounds.

Stryder is 1/2 DDR bloodlines and 1/2 working German/Belgian bloodlines out of our own Xita and Blackthorn's Jedi -- the S litter. (So the puppies will be about 1/2 DDR, 1/2 Czech and 1/2 German/Belgian working lines.) He's demonstrating his versatility -- titling in AKC rally and agility and now working on his BH and IPO1 titles in 2016. He's also demonstrated a lot of natural herding instinct and drive. He's a solidly built, true-medium size bicolor male with a blocky head, correct angulation front and rear, high withers, and balanced movement.

From this litter, I'm expecting healthy, sound, athletic dogs who are very high in pack drive (the desire to be with their family), with medium to med-high prey drive, low reactivity, but strong territorial and protective instinct (this doesn't mean that they won't like new people, rather that they will not accept strangers on your/their property without your approval). I expect females to be between 60 and 70 pounds and males between 70 and 85 pounds when fully grown. This litter should produce puppies who are black/dark sables, solid blacks, and bicolors like Stryder. They should be dogs who love to play ball and swim and do almost anything with their person. They will definitely need to be family members with regular interaction. They should settle very nicely in the house, but they will not be "couch potatoes."

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 Breeding quality workingline German Shepherd Dogs since 1996.
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