Blackthorn Working German Shepherds

Blackthorn's "A" Litter

born 2/4/97

Frostbite v. Pantara, KKII, SchI, CD


V-Quattro Spitzbubezwinger, KKI, SchIII, IPO III, 1999 North American SchIII Champion

My "a" litter was small, only two pups, but what Frost might have missed in quantity, she made up in Quality. Both puppies are healthy, intelligent, sound in mind and body, and actively working (and EXCELLING) in Schutzhund.

Ashen stayed home with me and has been a joy to work. He is dream in all three phases, with natural talent for the Track, the Obedience, and the Bitework. He's turned out to be a nice producer as well!

Asa is also worked in Schutzhund. A strong, high drive bitch who doesn't let her owner get away with much, Asa earned her SchH2 title before her owner retired from the sport.



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